Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BIM Class Project

Row House - Front Elevation

parametric louvers used as sun screening for 4th floor patio space
louvers used as garage port enclosure allowing cross ventilation to enter the courtyard
parametric louvers uses to filter light
screenshoot of the parametric family used as fencing

Here is a project I created in Revit a year ago (my second semester as an architecture student).

I was able to fumble through and develop plans and sections somehow, but now I am taking a BIM class that will enable me to really customize this row house and make it more "Mattiza."

I plan to create parametric fencing that you see in the model below that are missing in the plans and create "a designer stair case" to name a few.

simple sketch-up model

Roof top
level 4
level 3
level 2
level 1

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  1. Probably one of my favorite projects of yours! I hope a row of this gets built one day!